Writing essentials are your tools of the trade

Decide now to prepare your writing essentials so you will know how to attack your composition or story writing assignments and the like.

Getting everything in order, like cleaning the kitchen counters before you cook, is key to producing better work. With the important components identified and planned out, you can clear your mind and concentrate on the best and most imaginative content possible.

The following page links will lead you to all of my pertinent information about getting young writers started.

Some key tips to study are the Elements of a Short Story, or jump right into:

The Five W's

Wordprocessors and other stuff

Keyboarding essentials

Other Important Writing Tips

When you are ready for some more advanced, though still critical, topics read about the calming effects of writing recreationally or

How to overcome minor spelling errors

My grammatical errors are goodly

Control the timing with good punctuation

Improving Vocabulary

Don't take my figurative language literally!

Write once you can visualize a story

The etymology or common phrases

And finally, to help your child out, and get down to business, try to tutor your child in writing then when ready:

When to submit a story

The details on how to submit a story

Whether you want to write or read a short story, you will always be able to find what you need in these pages. I have tried to give you the simplest tricks for creating your stories and, in the case of parents, give your kids a fun way to occupy their time and stay out of trouble.

My objective has always been to keep the glass more than half full so it doesn't get filled up with bad stuff from the street.

I hope you enjoy your journey.

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