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Here I include some world news to suggest what kids might be hearing or seeing in the media, whether you are aware of it of not.

News items may be troublesome for young minds and kids may not always ask questions or display their concerns. I believe it makes sense for us to remain sensitized to articles that would likely have scared us as kids. We can be better equipped to address their inquiries.

So I decided to provide a one-stop shopping resource where my readers can review a collection of world news items. You can scan items quickly and pick out just the ones that you might find interesting or possibly upsetting.

Granted, other than our own press release(s) which are to follow, the content is readily available on the internet, but I want to alert you to  issues that you may need to explain to your child.

I am interested in hearing of more newsworthy sites and listings that I might be able to publish here, so please feel free to pass along your suggestions. I will do my best to comply.

Each article is the property of the respective publisher.

Our press release

Jan 28, 2008 - Site Announcement courtesy of URLwire

The URLwire release above was a very long time coming. My readers had to persuade the creator of the site to review this site and write the review. As it turned out the review was very good and we still get feedback to this day.

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