But my stories are all true!!!

OK, true stories from a child? Does it happen? In these cases, it's not the event that's important. It's what your child believes to be the facts. Almost like if you asked who spilled the milk. "I dunno", "I didn't do it", "nobody".

How can we make a child's tale as exciting as one that is fiction, and still stick to what really happened? As we proceed, don't forget to include the Five W's to make the story better.

Here is the challenge for you and your child.

Fiction or fantasy stories can be exciting because there is no risk involved. If someone gets hurt in the story it's sad, but still an OK story.

Have us feel the risk. Have the reader experience the pain by describing it clearly. Have us see through your eyes as much as you can. And don't be surprised if some stories have unhappy endings.

The most difficult thing is to figure out how to make something real... sound exciting, sad, mysterious or even shocking. It takes some significant writing talent to make that happen. Do you have what it takes? Can you convince others?

My voting system will get to the proof over time, so submit a story today.

Do you have something to write about that is real and exciting? Go for it!

Send me your best true story and you could get your very own web page!

Go to the library to check out stories written by other kids

Whether you want to write or read a short story, you will always be able to find what you need in these pages. I have tried to give you the simplest tricks for creating your stories and, in the case of parents, give your kids a fun way to occupy their time and stay out of trouble.

My objective has always been to keep the glass more than half full so it doesn't get filled up with bad stuff from the street. I hope you enjoy your journey.

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