Stop being a troublemaker

Being a troublemaker at an early age is not necessarily a bad thing. Now we're not talking about hurting people or damaging property. We're talking about that mischievous boy or girl who pushes the envelop. The one who takes risks. The one who gets others into a pickle because they are smart enough to do so. The one that raises the bike ramp just a little bit higher.

Now although I wasn't a risk-taker myself, and strangely enough neither was my father, I would certainly look twice at such a person today. Those who do not take risks are not very interesting to me. I do not care about those who have success dropped in their lap, but I am keen on spending time with those who took a chance on becoming a success. I do envy the stable tradesman who provides well for his family, but I wouldn't want to be in his head.

Perhaps this wild spirit is what makes things happen. Perhaps this is where daring accomplishments come from. Maybe the great explorers of days gone by were instigators as well. Innovation comes from experimentation and not all of that is paid for by a salary.

Now, we all want a good career for our children. To ensure they make a good living and raise a family. And most of us are now open enough to let them make their own career choices (and mistakes) rather than join the union that dad or uncle Bob is in. However, the restless attitude we are discussing also comes with a certain level of excitement. A healthy love of life... not a bad thing. Let it flourish, and rather than reel it in completely, just guide it along a safer course.

I am willing to bet that among your friends and associates, the ones you admire most may have been just a little wild in their youth. Hey maybe we really should live a little vicariously through our kids. Let the adventure continue... just buy extra insurance.

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