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Literacy and Learning
Writing and Submitting
Your Child
My Ramblings
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About Literacy and Learning

Focus on Literacy
The various literacy types
Functional Literacy
Information Literacy
Computer Literacy
Why some kids are better at learning
Sadly, some kids struggle with disorders
Education Alternatives
Can Homeschooling provide all they need?
Is Unschooling the way of the future?
Raising an inspiring speaker
Raising an bookworm

About Writing and Submitting

Elements of a Short Story
The Five W's
Wordprocessors and other stuff
Keyboarding essentials
Important Writing Tips
The calming effects of writing recreationally
How to overcome minor spelling errors
My grammatical errors are goodly
Control the timing with good punctuation
Improving Vocabulary
Don't take my figurative language literally!
Write once you can visualize a story
The etymology or common phrases
Tutor your child in writing
When to submit a story
The details on how to submit a story

About your child

This parenting answers search tool is just what you need
Breaking a bad mood
Squeezing creative juices from young writers
Ensuring good self esteem
When you are lacking confidence, you need a boost?
Teach your child friend proofing
Teach them respect and they'll police themselves.
Simple motivation techniques
Discipline: Not a means, butt an end
Corporal punishment can be hit or miss
Try unbiased parenting to establish firm rules
Be sure to correct bad behaviour
You're just being a troublemaker
Your child needs to release hostility
Addressing a growing indifference to violence
Enrich their lives by example
Avoid the prize-winning mentality
Getting one's attention
The benefits of writing short stories
Just talk to them

About Reading

Collection of the best assorted stories
Best funny stories
How to write funny stories
Best scary stories
How to write scary stories
Best true stories
How to write true stories
Read me a bedtime story
Library of short story invitations
What meaning can we get from a child's story

My Ramblings

Why care about kids and short stories?
Do your kids grow up too fast?
What kids watch may be a form of legalized violence
Many childhood distractions can change your child's path
This provocative parent can't sit by and say nothing
About the articles I submit to other sites
Instant Parenthood? What are you thinking right now?
Professional Development days article
The Literacy Writing Connection article
A little Competition article
The Spending Time Together article explains this site
You're just spoiled rotten!
Kids think they are immortal
Battling with raging hormones

Some Web Site Essentials

The Buddy System (supporting links)
Any comments about this sitemap or otherwise?
Subscribe to my e-zine newsletter
Pertinent daily news feed advisories
Policies and Procedures
The Short Stories Blog of this site
My promotional landing page about Site Sell
My promotional landing page about bratty tweens
Short Story in progress (means page not ready)

Surveys, Play time and Quizzes

Fill in a parents profile for fun
Fill in a kids profile for fun
Challenge kids around the world with these quizzes
Several safe, educational play sites and games
Links to lots of fun activities
Some rainy day activities
Dare you complete the angry parent survey?

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