Scary short stories tale us apart

Scary Short Stories are not reserved for the expert writer. You can do this too! It just takes a little more planning because suspense plays an important role.

If you have read the Five W's you will recall the What as in what happened. And in what order. Now order becomes all important.

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Suspense means teasing without clues.

It means you have to hide the meaning of events, of words, and when they are finally spoken they have to add to what you want to say but not answer it all at once.

That's suspense!

Remember how you felt when you read a tale that spooked you, or a TV show. Try to get that feeling into your own writing. Make the reader tremble with fear.

I'd like to issue a challenge to all willing writers to come up with spooky stories that will actually make people worry about turning the lights out at night. Do you think you're up for it?

Can you get all the readers' votes? Do you think yours can be one of the best?

Read the best scary short stories and then give us the shakes and earn your own web page!

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Whether you want to write or read a short story, you will always be able to find what you need in these pages. I have tried to give you the simplest tricks for creating your stories. In the case of parents, give your kids a fun way to occupy their time and stay out of trouble. My objective has always been to keep the glass more than half full so it doesn't get filled up with bad stuff from the street. I hope you enjoy your journey.

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