Teach kids Respect and they'll police themselves

With unruly kids, whatever you do is likely going to cost money. Showing someone respect and other simple lessons like writing short stories can often provide superior results.

It’s worth a try and doesn’t cost you much. Being nice to others, even those you don’t like, can, by example, accelerate your parenting. If a child does not give proper regard to the law, a neighbour’s property, grandparents, teachers or otherwise, what chance it there that the child will grow up without getting into trouble? Not much! On the other hand, leading by example with R.E.S.P.E.C.T., even on the little things, children will make better decisions, understand personal interactions and may think about why rules and laws exist at all.

Ask a parent who uses a cel phone while driving (assuming laws in your area prohibit this) why they still do it. Invariably the answer will be that it doesn’t matter, or no one will get hurt, or it’s about work or that’s not about me! In any case, they deflected and put themselves above the law. Now consider what lesson that sent to their son or daughter.

Why does one boy flip your neighbour the bird while another is polite. Which comes from a better home? Which will stay out of jail? Are these questions rocket science? Children learn by example and parents are not always the best place to start the journey. Parenting is a tough responsibility, one which requires changes to lifestyle, separation of child and adult, and a focus on caring about people, places and things.

Just as with teaching a child to respect any and all things, by giving your children educational and fun tasks, you give your children the opportunity for self improvement. In the grand scheme of things, asking your child to write as an activity for the day may be a little tricky to begin with, but once the child is used to it, the benefits will soon be seen. And with respect, once used to it, their life will be easier and on a better path.

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