Try some rainy day activities

Kids need to be occupied all of the time, especially when looking for rainy day activities. It's just human nature, and you only need to nudge a little in the right direction to get them interested in new ideas.

Tired puppy

It isn't that the kids have little or no imagination, it's just that they get into a frump... special word, and need to break out of it. Actually they want to break out of it.

When you get bored you lose energy, everything seems like too much work. Everyone else around you is to be blamed because you're grumpy. You're on a road-trip and the kids are bored, you're going to grandma's house and it's not their cup of tea, or it's the weekly grocery shopping and they have to come along. Sound familiar?

When you feel your kids starting to bounce off the walls try something new on them and see what comes of it. Start thinking outside of the box and do a little strolling down memory lane to try and remember the simple stuff you used to do.

You might just spark a whole new way of alleviating boredom for your children. It isn't difficult. It just takes a little conscious effort on your part. It is work though, but then again it's part of your job as a parent.

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Come up with ideas for scary or funny tales

Interview a family member for an all new theme

Report on special events like a news broadcaster

and many more fun things to do here.

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