Probe Learning methods to achieve balance

To probe learning styles and various forms of literacy is to delve into the understanding one needs in order to achieve a well rounded approach to improving a child's future. It is every parent's responsibility to do the best they can for their child, and understanding how to help them help themselves is vital to their success.

Parents that focus on only a few key aspects are robbing their children of the openness and awareness that is so enjoyable when seeking knowledge. If a child never experiences different types of outlets, physically or mentally, they will forever have excuses to fail at, or never attempt, such activities in the future.

Put another way, if a child is pushed heavily into the arts but is never encouraged to keep up with their math skills, they will always 'play dumb' when it comes to numeracy. And, although the arts contribute to social skills, the loss of a skill as important as arithmetic, is sad indeed.

I was pretty good in the sciences, math, reading and such, but I was never put into any sports, so I was missing that type of interaction and learning experience. In fact, schools were not very adept at offering sports for nerds. It was always an all or nothing kind of venture. Hopefully this is changing.

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