Official-sounding Policies and Guidelines

Our policies are short enough to actually read so give them a go, OK?

All short stories must be the original work of those under the care of a parent or guardian whether due to age or mental incapacity. Submissions are encouraged from those under the age of 15.

Stories must NOT contain profanity, and must not promote violence toward, or hatred of, any other human being. Stories not deemed suitable by our editorial team will be rejected.

We are not responsible for typographical or grammatical errors in the stories. We will publish them as supplied by you with the exception of adjusting opening paragraphs and questionable or mis-leading language and inserting line-breaks where needed.

Proper spelling and grammar in stories are NOT the concern of this web-site, as our purpose is to help parents promote creativity and awaken a fun medium for young writers.

By submitting short stories on behalf of those in your care, you are allowing us to publish the story on our web-site, in our newsletter or e-zine or in any other material used and exchanged during the course of this site's day to day operation.

All original submissions are protected under the copyright of this site and their content should not be modified in any way. If a plagiarized submission is discovered and reported to us, we can have it removed.

The site is free to all guests though it will contain links to other commercial sites and may also contain its own affiliate links to providers of applicable products or services.

You can be assured that none of the content under our control, save this statement, will ever contain references to adult or mature subject matter of an erotic, sexual, xxx, bondage, transgender, gay or lesbian nature.

Any email address collected from a parent/guardian is solely for the purpose of communicating with that individual and will never be sold nor given out to third parties. We do not record email addresses and make best efforts not to record personal information, other than a first name and last initial, from a child.

This site does not promote any political nor religious agenda in any way. Stories that may do so in any form will be rejected.

Any statements or recommendations made on this web-site are merely the opinions of the author and are founded on personal experience, research and common sense.

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