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This is play time! We come here when we just want to have fun. This page is growing and needs lots more to be added to it, but for now I wanted to get you going with a couple of surveys and a few educational, but fun, games and brain teaser sites.

A note on the surveys... I need to involve my audience, and you should feel privileged! Wow, do I need a shake. Anyway, please take a moment to answer the questions. The more respondents the better of course, but we want true answers so the results can be meaningful. Please keep it real.

For you kids, fill in the kids' profile.

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It will let me know a little about your interests and how to better tailor my web-site. I don't collect any email addresses or ask you to sign-up for anything, so just have some fun.

If you are a parent or guardian, please complete the parents' profile.

PBS Kids is a great find and it's not out to sell you anything. Your kids can play here and have a great time. The support advertising is minor.

In general, I look for sites that are safe for kids, have few if any advertising banners and are not pushing sponsors overtly to a young audience.

kids on a computer

Hey, I just found EduPlace Games. It has games that are learning tools and is affiliated with a company specializing in teaching aids and the like. Teens and adults can exercise their brains here. Kids will like their Web Word Finds. Even the bookworms among you might enjoy these. Have a go!

Here's one of the fastest growing activity sites for the younger crowd. It's innovations are sure to keep the little ones amused for hours... try WebKinz.

And this most impressive site you must see to believe... Science with Me  is a free educational website for kids to learn science. Join now for fun science experiments and kids science projects for curious elementary school kids.

When I was a kid I loved crossword puzzles... I actually had a great time making them. Here is a collection of interactive crossword puzzles for you to play from ABC Teach.

And another hobby I had as a child was Astronomy. I went through five telescopes until I was sixteen, and got out a little more (-: . Anyway, I found this cool site that mixes puzzles with education all about Astronomy for Kids!

And surely one of the best ones DiscoveryKids.com

Here are a few safe games to play

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