Parenting Answers will now point to  Google's new Kid-Safe Search Engine Kiddle

The Parenting Answers Search Engine was designed to allow parents to get highly focused results for their search terms. It was easy to use and was actually a lot of fun.

Sadly, that web-site has been taken down, so I have temporarily replaced the link to reveal Google's latest kid safe search engine Kiddle.

I will research a replacement for the earlier search engine and put it here for parental use, moving Kiddle to a more child-appropriate page.

'What about writing short stories'?

Well, as I have mentioned on other pages, I target short stories to emphasize the many skills associated with writing that can help a child grow up into a happy, well-balanced individual.

By referring to my site and the search engine, you will be able to find the perfect balance that is right for you and your child.

Search with Kiddle

I hope this new service is a pleasant experience for your child and that you will both visit it often

Thank you


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