Snap out of that bad mood!

When children get into bad moods they often don't know why. No surprise. I'm not talking about tantrums, but more about being downright grumpy. This also happens to adults too.

Anyway, when a little boy is bugged, he may be seen with folded arms and a scowl on his face. His eyes are pointed downward, and he turns from having to look at you.

A little girl's frustration comes in the form of hands on hips and foot stomping, but she will look at you. Sound familiar? Happens a lot.

So what can you do to get them to snap out of the mood they're in. You know that saying 'Snap out of it' won't do it, and shaming them out of it is ridiculous. And surely making them see the futility of it all is useless. No, it can actually be a little easier to release hostility than that.

Who are they angry at? Themselves? No way. It's you! For whatever reason, big or small, the child is ticked off at you. So first we must understand this aspect and then we can approach the situation a little differently. Children also have fairly short memories, so if it all takes some time, it may work out anyway.

OK, you recognize that pushing them your way won't do it, nor will pleading them to be happier because of some unrelated reason. No, providing you're not a totally selfish parent, take the blame, it won't hurt... much. Be understanding and agreeable. Tell them you know why they are upset and state what it is. If you don't pick the right one the first time, try another. Your mistake will go unnoticed.

With the right eye contact, some kinder words and a little humility you should be able to correct the bad behaviour in short order.

Let this provocative parent know how it all works out.

You might also want to check out this e-book called Child Anger Management for Parents.

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