What's the meaning behind short stories?

The meaning behind short stories can be confusing, while thought provoking, especially when a child is concerned. What appears happy on the surface may hide feelings that should be dealt with.

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On the other hand, a child that does not express themselves verbally, may write in a very upbeat, happy style.

And finally, though harder to identify, is when nothing is mentioned about something that should be, for instance...

Say your little girl wrote about playing with a friend down the street. All appears happy enough, describing games, toys and the like. You believe everything is OK, but, at one point, the friend grabs your daughter's doll and moves it to her side of the play area. All without another word ever being written about it.

Innocent enough... but a lot of tension may have built up because of that simple action. This can happen because children don't plan and relate as adults do. She may also just be in a bad mood.

The bad feelings revealed in a story, if one gets written at all can stem from many causes, such as a lack of self esteem.

I encourage you, as parents, to examine all you can to help make your child's life experience a happy, productive one. It doesn't just happen by itself.

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