My library collects children's short stories

The library of stories that have been submitted by children from all over the world are categorized in a number of ways so you can focus on the type you like best. There should be something here for everyone.

If you have an interesting story to tell, it's easy to submit it using these links. If your have worked hard and the story is really good, it could earn its own web page!

Later, you can revisit these pages to see who has commented and, perhaps, voted on your story. You also can comment on other stories. This helps young writers do better work.

Just choose the short story type you like the most from this library and start reading. And if you like our site, please let us know at our Facebook Fan Page.

Looking for Something in particular? Try here.

Something important before you get started. Do you know what Plagiarism is?

Plagiarism is when someone claims or implies the ownership of a work... in this case a previously written story.

Little girl reading

It appears, sadly, that a significant number of submitters do not care if they copy a story written by someone else and submit it as their own.

I still hope my web site fosters creativity among young people who want to display their own work. Unfortunately, from time to time, I have to remove pages that are nothing more than bad copies of another child's accomplishments.

To that end, and to solicit the aid of those who can help identify some of the fakes:

Please Report Plagiarism here.

Otherwise, by all means select one of

the best funny ones...

the best scary...

the best true....

or the best assorted stories

Of late, I have found myself correcting spelling and grammar in the stories that get submitted to the library. When I built the site many years ago, I didn't care about correctness for young authors. I wanted young children to submit stories in any form, unfettered by the rules.

As I receive more and more stories, I have seen that far too little care is being given to the written word. Often to the point that the story cannot be read easily. This is upsetting and I fear that writing is going the way of speech, very loose and imprecise. I consider writing well to be an art form, and good writers are difficult to find. Therefore, I will correct as I go, time permitting.

So here are some special questions that all of you can answer while commenting on any story.

Should proper spelling and grammar be considered as important as a story itself?
Would you like a separate contest for the best story... 5 stars only if the story is free of spelling and grammatical errors?
Any other options for the library?

Sadly, we do not have a download facility, but in any case, the children's works are copyright protected as per our policies and guidelines.

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