Lacking confidence? Step outside the box.

During my topsy turvy career I've often faced times when I was lacking confidence. It is debilitating to say the least, and you don't feel like starting the next project, assignment or what have you. Kids face this constantly and need encouragement to help them overcome the demons within.

If children could mentally adjust as select few adults can, they would see that to look outward can be quite helpful. For example, how would a child react to a newborn puppy flopping around looking for mother's milk. The child would feel sympathetic to another's plight and think somewhat less of themselves... at least for a time.

Take it one step further and imagine the child comparing him or herself to a fragile old man in his 90's. The child might suddenly feel empowered and even laugh, as a worst case, but at least stronger and somehow bolstered in spirit. It is almost impossible to feel worse than an ailing derelict.

This is where sometimes even a walk in the park or through a forest can rekindle the strength that lies beneath. To see that one is only a small part of a much bigger picture, and that everyone has a role to play to contribute to that picture, can eliminate some myopia. One lacking confidence just needs to uncover what was always there. It needs to be awakened. You can be a mentor in the process.

Everyone feels down about their job or school from time to time but think about those special moments when you magically felt better. For me it's when someone asks me for help or how to do something on the computer and the like. I can forget about the bad feelings in an instant.

Have your kids explore those things that make them feel better. Talk about them for a moment and soon you may see that you not only made them feel better but that you showed them how to do it themselves. That is true empowerment. We all need to do more of that. Sometimes a well-earned break is called for to make it all happen.

With their self esteem and spirits soaring they can now address creative tasks like writing short stories or that letter to grandpa. They'll feel better about themselves and that will translate into many appealing benefits.

Any comments?

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