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Kids Profile Survey Time

This kids profile survey is provided a) to let kids have some interactive fun while they're here... nothing fancy, and b) to gain a little insight into who they are in a very general sense.

It is important that kids get a chance to interact, even a little, if they are ever going to try and write a short story. This let's them do that. Click to another web-site is not an option (-:

I am also interested to know where they come from. Some questions may help me to provide more pertinent material for the site.

So let's get started, and you will be able to see a chart of the latest results when you are finished.

Visitor Profile Survey for Kids
How many languages do you speak?
Only one
Three or more
Do you have any pets?
No pets
An assortment
What are your favourite hobbies?
Watching TV
Video games
Playing sports
Chatting with friends
Helping mom
Helping dad
For short stories, would you rather
Read them to yourself
Read them to others
Write them
Help others write them
Don't know

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