Keyboarding your Short Stories

Typewriters got us started back then

Fine, I'm not that old, but keyboarding short stories has only come about since the invention of the personal computer.

And I was there! Before that we had typewriters, and we typed.

The typewriters did look better eventually. Everything ended up on paper. To this day, if you think about it, we still say 'write a story' as opposed to 'type' it. It just sounds funny.

Now, young folks have a computer, but they rarely, to my knowledge, use it as well as they should. Being a programmer, I go to my computer to work, create, analyze or reference something. I rarely play on it, and I am just getting interested in social networking.

keyboard hands

How would you go about creating a new short story using your computer? How would you instruct your child? You need to get your wordprocessors ready.

Of course, you must remember that the creativity needed to write a short story is a thinking process.

This site is all about that process, doing what you can to contribute to it and instill good skills in your child.

I guarantee that if you attack certain of these tasks which I`m relating to you, that you will find a new source of pleasure. Once your child`s eyes open to any of these proactive exercises, you will both be in a different place.

There's a fair bit of planning to do and there may be a need for some new vocabulary.

Expanding a child's vocabulary is a great gift for them. That's why reading to a child starts the process and hopefully, they pick up the interest, and take it the rest of the way.

Overall, a person possessing good vocabulary always stands out and is impressive.

Now, your child may need to warm up to the whole idea. For now let's try a simple challenge.

My sitemap can guide you the rest of the way

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