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Information Literacy is finding and using knowledge properly

What is Information Literacy? Well, simply put, you have some of it by visiting this site. You are looking for information. Hopefully the knowledge you seek is to help your child. If it is, then your child may benefit if you use the knowledge correctly.

That's it. The ability to look for, measure, categorize and properly use stuff you find in books, on television, on the Internet... anywhere. When a child is able to do this, it's a wonderful thing. They are opening the door to thousands of new adventures.

They can also open the wrong doors. That's where you come in.

The Internet is a valuable resource but there are predators out there so you must ensure that your children are not going to the wrong sites.

Many software programs are available to assist you with this. I have located one such program and made it available from my Why Care page.

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