Homeschooling... Don't forget your lunch!

I don't know how parents manage homeschooling. The time, planning and dedication, all without pay, is commendable. I expect most must be stay-at-home moms and dads, and their kids' future far outweighs any additional income needs. I wish I could believe this kind of dedication exists in the management ranks of the traditional school system. Perhaps it does in some countries. I would like to be surprised.

Teaching your own children the basics might be reasonable enough, but as the self-imposed curriculum moves higher, who teaches the teacher? How do we really know that the student is getting the right balance and the right information? Fortunately there are resources like HomeSchool Central that support homeschoolers with information and lesson plans etc.

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Now the general idea is to remove the child from the traditional school system so they are not be held back and they might be safer. That's sounds fine in theory, but what about the social aspects? They will be missing two or more key interactions. One is with the student's peers and the other is the environment between school and home. Both need to exist in order to develop new social skills and world skills. I'll be learning more about this myself as the web-site matures.

It would be great to find out if there is a way, now or in the future, to determine if the practice is producing more capable students.

Of course, standardized testing seems to come and go like sun spots, so will that determination ever be achievable? And will one collection of students be intellectually sacrificed out of fear?

If you would like to keep up with the trend, try out The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Homeschooling seems admirable but will we ever really know if it is able to address enough of the 'real-world' issues to be faced by kids on a day to day basis.

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