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OK, not the best example, but the effect is the same. I simply cringe when I hear or read poorly written text. Strangely, this happens when the work comes from an adult or at least an individual that one expects would have adequate education.

I am certainly far more forgiving when it comes to compositions and short stories from children. Their destruction of the English language can be quite amusing and, although some of their grammatical errors would give me pause, I relent and focus on the intent.

Here again, in order to achieve the benefits of having kids write short stories, we must pay attention to what they are trying to portray, and not pick away at grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or punctuation. If we were to do that, their motivation would dwindle into the emptiness and they might never again attempt writing recreationally.

Make good use of this great site and try to remember some of what you have seen, for yourself and your child. Heck, you might learn something.

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Consider reviewing the basic grammar distinctions among nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verb tenses, over and over again. And spend some time clearing up, once and for all, some of the common mistakes made by millions.

Words like:

their - it belongs to them... that is their car
there - in that place... the item is over there
they're - a short form for 'they are'... they're all over the goalie

to - the destination or target... to Toronto
too - as well, also... I want one too
two - one two three... I want two of them as well

weather - the climate... the weather is nice today
whether - in consideration of one condition or another... whether I do this or that

affect - the verb... bad weather will affect the crops
effect - the noun... bad weather had a bad effect on the crops

If you treat these and other slip-ups as insignificant, then your audience will treat you, and your children, as.. uneducated. No one wants that. Pay attention to these as they are vital to maintaining and increasing your credibility.

I'll leave you with this parting thought...

weather you liked these page or not, I want two let you know than I have been effected by this words of many and they're care and attention too detail is been what i love the more.

And by the way y'all is not a word!

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