Funny Short Stories Rock!

Funny short stories, so cool, you bet they are! This form of writing is one of the toughest. The whole idea is to have a punch line in mind before you begin. That rarely happens when a child starts to write. The idea for you, as a parent, is to encourage better planning and the thinking that goes into the stories.

Everything is about timing, the characters and the Five W's all come into play.

pencil character

I dare you. No, I double dare you to make us laugh!

It won't be easy, I know, cuz we come from different times. See what I did there.

The trick is to write about something we have in common. Something we, kids and adults, know about equally.

In many ways, that can mean something adults complain about but it's in fashion, like a fad, for the teen.

When your third grader is really keen on something, chances are you might roll your eyes about it, but don't.

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Whether you want to write or read a short story, you will always be able to find what you need in these pages. I have tried to give you the simplest tricks for creating your stories and, in the case of parents, give your kids a fun way to occupy their time and stay out of trouble.

My objective has always been to keep the glass more than half full so it doesn't get filled up with bad stuff from the street.

I hope you enjoy your journey.

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