Fun with Short Stories and then some

Sometimes, sadly for me, kids need more than short stories to have fun. After all I am asking for your child and you to do quite a bit of what might seem to be work. Who wants that all the time. However, work can often be fun and I, and my many readers, seem to think the same way.

Being creative by itself gets you into a better mood and lets time pass quickly. It invigorates and reguvenates. Imagine what it can do for you child to be involved in activities that are both enjoyable and a little extra work. Work in so far as they will also feel a sense of accomplishment. That by itself is worth its weight in gold.

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I've been reviewing a few activity collections that will keep the pop-ups and most of the salesy gimmicks away from you.

They are difficult to find, and the web keeps changing. Sites with activities for kids don't tend to stick around long.

In any case, I welcome any suggestions of more sites we can mention on these pages. Your input will help other parents in keeping their young ones entertained, at least until they can take up reading, and perhaps writing, on their own.

For a basic approach, our Canadian government has this to say about simply reading.

Otherwise, take a look at a simple list of activities, and then you can get more ambitious and move up to a real whopper!

These cool ideas should be able to get you and yours going or at least inspire new innovative ways to motivate the creation of even more things to do.

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