Writing can certainly enrich your life

There is one easy way to enrich your life. Essentially, in order to improve your life, or make you a better person, you need to first enjoy what you do. When you are having a good time, often doing the simplest of things, you are able to laugh at yourself, observe others, and be more playful. How many people do you know who are so wrapped up in their work that they long forgot if they even liked it or not.

Kids run into the same problems. They can be very involved with pleasing mom and dad, or their teachers. Often they are obsessed with being cool, which means pleasing their peers. Hey, if they were already peers, they didn't need to be pleased, did they? This is stressful, and stress is not reserved for the work-a-holics of the world.

under construction sign Sometimes, taking a step back, and just dreaming, or dreaming up a story, can be great therapy. For one thing, it's an escape, so the time may have to be planned in advance. It's soothing and can help after a stressful day. Pressures will just melt away. Can't take the time? There's the rub. You'll never feel the pleasure of creating something from your mind that didn't involve numbers, a schedule, to do list or research material... unless you take the time.

Now, where am I going with this? Easy, remember? Your children. Experience your own creativity now, and pass your enthusiasm on to your kids. And, do it sooner rather than later. If you, by example, can show them how to imagine and produce short stories, you will plant a worthwhile seed that will grow with them and enrich their lives.

Follow the leader was a great game, and it had no rules, just lots and lots of fun.

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