Elements of childrens short stories

Writing successful short stories means fully understanding their basic elements and that can be very confusing. If you had to learn all of that, in depth, you would never get started.

I have provided you and your child with some simple guidelines, my own condensed version if you will. The objective is to have your child get interested in reading other stories and wanting to write his or her own short story. You will be the best judge as to how much structure your child can handle.

I want you to write... just about anything, as long as it is a good effort, so these simple pointers should help you remember the important Five W's of a story and keep you both on track. Refer back to these elements often if you need to.

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Later, when you are a great writer, you can read more robust rules from the Fayette County Public Schools, the Halifax Regional School Board, the Public Media Foundation, the University of Wales and even the Yale-New Haven Teachers' Institute.

And maybe make your way to becoming a professional writer!

That was all a mouthful, wasn't it? Well, it does take some concentration and a good idea to be a good writer.

Ok, we’re done for now. Just remember to try to answer these questions before you start writing... Who, What, When, Where, and Why? The order doesn’t matter.

The 5 W’s. Simple right? Can you repeat them? Good! So what’s holding you up on this Short Story idea? Still need a challenge for your brain?

Let's get writing!

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