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My interest in education alternatives comes from having been a diligent student. I was concerned about my homework, routinely got high marks, and was often the teacher's pet. Even back then it wasn't cool to be a geek, and I wasn't cool.

Now a days, I see so many of those around me, with over half a century behind them as well, that can't put a sentence together.

In the old days, the three R's along with spelling, grammar, order and discipline were drummed into us. Sometimes, they were physically forced upon us. Today that is all considered bad for kids and teachers are supposed to deal more with students' social problems and occasional bad mood.

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I've got news for ya... if kids got lots of homework and felt the repercussions of not getting it done on time or not passing the grade, they wouldn't have nearly as many social problems. Only my opinion.

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The school system has become soft, dealing with the good of the few at the expense of the many. I take nothing away from the teachers... they are doing what they are told, and work very hard. And we all know that if kids think they can get away with something, they will try. Rules have seemingly gone by the wayside. Kids need boundaries.

That lack of control and perhaps awareness of behavioural problems at school was evidenced by the shootings at Columbine High School in 1999. This marked the beginning of a new movement to counteract violence in schools. Many concerned parents, especially in rural areas, have chosen to home-school their children out of fear and with an eye toward regaining some control and confidence in education as a necessary child rearing focus.

A growing indifference to violence is something that all parents must be aware of and take steps to conquer.

Home-Schooling as one of the education alternatives, has grown tremendously in popularity. And there is a wealth of useful information on the web to help the homeschooling parent.

Another new approach is Unschooling. It's focus is on the child's desire for specific information, coupled with the liberal provision of supporting, interest-related resources by a facilitator or parent. I see this having a very broad spectrum of opinions reaching out in both directions. Unschooling can be conducted in the home, but I see it likely spreading into new forms of mass-teaching establishments.

I'm the first person to agree with the concept of experimentation, but we have to look at what is happening on a larger scale regarding education alternatives. Essentially parents are rebelling against the traditional school system, having lost faith in its ability to properly educate and protect their children. The traditional system has attempted sweeping changes over recent years, but may still not be adequately addressing our rapidly changing, computerized world.

Just as many of the older folks among us have said repeatedly. Without the basics, kids will not be able to cope in today's world. We do know and fear, they can't all be flippin' burgers.

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