Benefits for children writing short stories

Benefits abound for children that write short stories.

They will learn how to concentrate and will be able to apply that focus again on other tasks. Writing takes a lot of brain power. The imagination is given a good thrashing and there are many ups and downs in the process of creating a work of art.

They will learn to handle criticism, which hopefully is mostly constructive and positive, but the world isn't always fair. Criticism is a very useful thing. Many people, adults included, take constructive criticism as a personal insult. Everyone needs to be open even to the constructive 'negative' stuff. "Only once we fail will we ask why" that's mine (-:.

They will look to you, their parents, for approval, guidance and honesty. How you react will be crucial in order to keep their enthusiasm up. A child asking a question is offering an opportunity to help them grow. The more questions and answers, the more able they are to face the world. This inner strength is another of the benefits.

They may share their stories and grow more sociable. If they are happy with their story they will run to tell their friends. Then, rather than play ball, they may read together or plan related activities that are creative.

Their reading and vocabulary skills will improve dramatically. At first spelling and word selection will be difficult. Don't push it. Just encourage the writing activity. The interest will grow and the child will soon find the need to become more expressive through words. He or she will go looking for how to do it better. Prepare yourself.

A note here about literacy. There is a lot involved with such a term and it can be difficult to profile a child as literate or illiterate, so don't jump to conclusions. One has to realize that our definition of literacy is local... not necessarily international. Examples of local initiatives are putting reading first, making perfect sense, and applications of learning.

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And finally, their confidence will be boosted when they have truly done remarkable work.

If they are proud of their stories, they will be proud of themselves in writing and anything they set out to achieve.

Individuals can't perform well outside until they are happy with themselves inside. And getting to this point takes your child one step closer to even becoming an inspiring speaker.

These benefits and more will be evident over time, providing you encourage the writing activity gently, and with few expectations.

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