Examine multiple individuals when assessing kids

All too often, when we try assessing kids, we forget to look at the many influencing factors that come into play. Yes, the child can be unruly, moody and sometimes downright mean, but where does this all start?

It's very easy for parents to point fingers at a child's environment, their friends, the school system and an assortment of other, often unrelated, pressures. Children, however, are very resilient and adaptable and will be able to cope with many outside influences given the right tools.

Sometimes the tools are unavailable to the child because the parents never had them in their possession to begin with. The parents were never taught or simply did not grow up in a nurturing environment.

Hopefully, the pages listed below will give you some short cut reading to help make you more aware of things kids and parents do that get confused when studying child behaviour.

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