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This page holds links to articles I have written that, in some way, can be used to help children or their parents. Some may involve the writing of short stories, while others may not.

My overall objective is to help parents in the motivation and well-being of their children.

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I am not a professional nanny nor a teacher, and do not profess to be, but I have had a varied past and lots of time coaching and mentoring children.

Somehow I have a connection with children and I find it shameful seeing kids left aside when they could otherwise be made to feel important or part of things.

I am not at all in favour of over-inflating egos, but I am interested in boosting the morale of those children being overlooked.

Another has to do with an easy way to ensure that your child will have a balanced approach to learning complex subjects. It's called The Literacy Writing Connection.

Here's one for the expecting couple, or young couple that has just had a child. It's called Instant Parenthood? What are you thinking right now?

And one that shows how to use a little healthy competition to win kids over.

Next is a piece addressing parental responsibility to avoid spoiling a child, called You're just spoiled rotten

And, of course, this page wouldn't be complete without a little more on why I built this site in the first place, I call it spending time together.

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