My alternate income retirement plan

I wanted an alternate income as the prospect of aging muscles and financial unrest was certainly unappealing and pretty scary.

I have been in the computer industry for some 35 years and started my own consulting business in 1990. As with any small business, it had its ups and downs, but key in this industry is that technology changes quickly. This rapid change becomes more and more unnerving as one grows older, as it gets tougher and tougher to keep up with it.

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After a related downturn in 2006, with my brain reeling from looking for clients in a field of buzzwords and young software jockeys, I decided to seek out a tool that would help me generate some alternate income. In using the internet for the search, I focused on making the internet itself the foundation of my

new income plan.

Consequently, I checked out various work-from-home and web-hosting services and started making comparisons.

All of my research, reading and recommendations led me to one inescapable conclusion. Site Sell and their Solo Build It product.

I reviewed their Action Guide Video in depth, checked out THE PROOF, and was hooked. The TV button at your right will let you take it all in.

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I am skeptical though, as you probably are, and I studied the president's claims with a critical eye. Happily, after a little more that a year, my site has an Alexa Ranking to be proud of, thousands of references on web-sites around the world, links on hundreds more, and a strong Google Page Rank.

What this means is that my site is visited by over 500 new people everyday, looking at hundreds of pages. I receive stories from kids all over the globe, and parents and children come back regularly to read comments and offer critiques.

And by generating real visitor traffic I can use e-Commerce tools to sell products or services and use other marketing techniques to provide additional, alternate income.

I am Canadian. I am suspicious of anything that even remotely sounds too good to be true. And my friends and family are the last ones to say "that sounds great, go for it". Ring a bell? This could very well be similar for you, but I promise, if you follow the guidelines, if you have something to sell or simply have a wealth of expertise to provide, this can become your future.

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